So this past Sunday my mother (woot mother's day driving) and I packed up my Mini Cooper with all the necessities and started on a twenty hour road trip. The first stop on our trip was to where I did my latest Christmas gig, White Sulphur Springs and The Greenbrier. I didn't make it back into The Greenbrier this trip, and I didn't do many touristy things, but none-the-less it was a fantastic trip.

We arrived early evening and drove to one of my best friend's doors. I was surprised with a sign saying "Welcome back Monty (AKA my b****)" on a front door and screams and hugs as my best friend ran outside to greet me. You have no idea how amazing it feels to get so much love from someone you have missed so dearly. It was like seven months hadn't even been between our last goodbye and this hello. We spent some time as she got ready for her show catching up, gossiping, meeting the new kitten of her house, and face timing random friends. Too soon she was out the door to her show and mom and I were off to check into the hotel in Lewisburg. (The only place to stay in WSS is The Greenbrier or with friends).

After getting some nourishment and freshening up I went back down the Mountain to meet Haley after her show at a local bar called 50 East. Now if you are ever near The Greenbrier I suggest checking out this little gem. They have some of the best wings and burgers you will ever have, and a staff that is so sweet. And if you happen to get there on a Sunday night after about ten pm you will run into a whole mix of Greenbrier employees. It was a fun evening of Karaoke, Jack Daniels, Friends, and just general silliness. 

The next morning my mother and I got an early lunch with my friend and her mother at another local gem in Lewisburg called the Starlight Cafe. Now if you ever get there around lunch time I have to suggest the Gellino sandwich. It is one of the best Chicken Pesto sandwiches I have ever had, minus one in Modesto California. That mixed with their locally inspired soups of the day is a must try. And the staff is super nice and sweet. After that my friend and I ran around downtown Lewisburg. 

Now downtown Lewisburg is full of quaint shoppes and little artsy finds. Plus one of West Virginia's best theatres. But this particular afternoon I enjoyed mainly because after a coffee and window shopping fix my best friend and I sat in the little park next to the outdoor piano (yepp you read that correctly) and sang songs from "The Last Five Years" by Jason Robert Brown at the top of our lungs. 

And as soon as this reunion started, I sadly had to pack up so my mom and I could start our journey to Kentucky. Wild bean coffee in my hand and a Tudor's biscuit in the other, with a too many faces not seen, and a heart refilled with love we were off.