I was going to write about something much different, until the political posts and the news of today's mass shooting took over my newsfeed. 

We boast that we are a collective community that has more access to knowledge than previous generations. That we are more understanding and more accepting. We have communication and information at our fingertips. Yet I challenge you to imagine that as a society we may be more unaware, and less accepting than we have been before.

I am a very political person, I do not claim to know everything, but I do my best to research everything I post and everything I back. I try to post more facts than opinions. And I am always open to calmly and respectfully discuss things. Lately, however I have been trying to not jump into the clickbait arguments people post just to get a reaction. Am I perfect? No. So I apologize for my past, present, and future posts that aren't as accurate as they could be. 

Today you cannot open a form of social media without seeing someone posting something negative. You cannot scroll through your feed without seeing someone posting hate towards another. Have you noticed that we as people are being more and more divided? We bring to light the popular issues but leave all the others at the door. We have been told to hate others because "they are the ones responsible". Yet we do not acknowledge our own faults and difficulties. I'm guilty of it as much as anyone, so I am not meaning to cast the first stone. 

The thing is we as a collective group of people need to realize that our society and our planet are in distress. We keep ignoring water crises, environmental changes, jet streams disappearing, the amount of trash in our oceans, the everyday hate crimes, the everyday sexual/verbal/emotional assaults. We make fun of mental illness. We bully. We see someone we barely know on facebook post a status that goes against our opinion, and instead of talking we call them names. We let social media and people of power tell us what is important. We quickly blame authorities for that; when we are the ones screaming for more details on Kylie Jenner and how to get tickets to Hamilton. We read headlines and repost without reading the whole article and checking our facts.

As human beings we find issues with putting any blame on to ourselves. We want to say that the politicians, celebrities, media, etc. have made us who we are and tell us what is important; when in reality it is the other way around. We want information in short sound bites. We don't want to read long articles, or do our own research. When things go wrong we don't want to acknowledge that it is all our fault, instead we want to put blame on the easiest scapegoat.

We live in a state of ignorance. We no longer want to get to know people, we no longer want to reach out, we no longer want to learn. We are more scared than we have ever been. We are scared of not knowing things and offending people. We are scared of asking questions. I don't know a single person who would hate to explain something to you, especially if you ask in a respectful way. The problem is that ignorance leads to hate. Hate in ourselves and hate in others.

Did you know that hate isn't an emotion on it's own? It's true. You can not actually hate something unless you love or care about it or something it directly affects. My favorite example of this is when it comes to relationships. Most people say they "hate" their exes. Why? Because someone you loved hurt you. Something you cared about caused you harm. Something broke your trust. But when you actually accept what happened, or no longer love that person; your hate tends to dissolve as well. So why do you hate someone of a different religion, ethnicity, culture, sex, orientation, etc.? Really look at where your fears and hate come from. 

I could talk about this topic for hours, or probably days but I leave you with this challenge. Show love. It is what we instinctively want to show to others. Show kindness. Do your research. Learn. When something scares, or confuses you, don't turn it into hate; instead ask questions. Use that big beautiful brain and heart of yours.

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