So this past week was a crazy one. My kids performed the shows Patrick and I directed (which want way better than expected). I also had two auditions and callbacks for two companies I would love to work for. I also had some pretty solid advice from amazing friends/mentors this week about my career and upcoming endeavours in life. But the highlight of this week was going to Myrtle Beach for the Bachelorette weekend of my oldest and closest and bestest friend in the entire world.

Now this isn't going to be an insight on the craziness that is a bachelorette weekend. Instead I want to address the changes that become very obvious when you spend a whole weekend with someone you grew up with who's life is drastically changing. When your own life is changing, sometimes even drastically, you don't notice quite as much. Especially when you are like me. My goals have always been about my career and jobs, never about kids, a husband, or anything relatively "normal". I've gone through big changes. Leaving home for 5 years, traveling across the country, finding my faith. But I didn't really see them as clearly as other people might have.  This weekend was a huge eye opener. I was the only "bachelorette" on this weekend trip. Everyone else was wither married or in a very serious relationship. And I have been single for well over a year, and honestly don't see that changing anytime soon. My best friend and I always had a life plan, that use to be very similar. In high school we said we would be married by 25 (She will be) have kids by 30, etc. I'm like my dad though. I haven't pictured my life past like 24 so we will see if I live even that long. The thing is though, I'm at a point in my life where my friends are making very different choices with their lives. They are either going down the getting married and having kids path or the career path (or both, you go you strong females and males). I never saw the clear divide until this weekend. They all had a moment where they were sitting around talking about their husbands and following them  around the country ( most of them are military SOs) and when they wanted to have kids etc. I found myself wishing and wanting to have what they had. I'm not really sure if it was because I felt left out or if I really wanted it. I realized the jokes my best friend would always make were actually becoming a reality. I was becoming the "future cool single godmother to her future kids." Then the next morning we were talking to her sister-in-law about how she is moving across the country and leaving things behind for her husband etc. I felt like I didn't know how to help. These were things I kind of understood (packing up and leaving everything), but really had no idea about (getting married). 

I've heard multiple things about how growing up is hard in the arts especially when your friends are all "normies" with "muggle" jobs. I've been told multiple times, including by an ex, that we would eventually drift apart because we just didn't understand each other's lives anymore. A few months ago, I thought that maybe the case. I felt like an oddball when not around friends in similar or the same field as me. But what I noticed this weekend is that it is almost better to have friends who are not in the same field as you. They keep you grounded. They keep your head clear. They help you go after what you really want. It's nice to hear about real people, doing real world jobs. It's amazing to see someone just as passionate about getting married or a promotion in their field as it is to hear my other friends talk about a role they just landed. It's invigorating. It is also amazing to listen to stories of other people's lives. What their goals are, what they want to accomplish, etc. I honestly think our differences aren't pulling us apart, but pulling us together.

I have had multiple people tell me the past few years that they were living vicariously through me. Well I want to tell you, that while you maybe living through me, I'm living through you. 

Now on to the Travel stuff: 

So the drive to Myrtle beach at night is absolutely terrifying, but the drive during the day is absolutely cute. You get to drive through these beautiful trees and little towns (one of which hosts the North Carolina Strawberry festival!) So the weekend I was there happened to be SOS weekend. Now if you don't know what that means it stands for Seniors over sixty. Sounds like a snorefest right?! WRONG! These people know how to have a good time. We happened to fall into this shag bar in North Myrtle one of the nights, and those people were having the time of their lives. One gentleman bought us drinks saying "You guys are the age of my granddaughter and our out here with these old guys, you need to be celebrated!" And plenty others made jokes about our friend getting married. But they also all congratulated her on her upcoming nuptials and wished her a very happy and full life. Some offered to teach us how to shag! It was like seeing a bunch of teenagers out having a good tie, but they were all my grandparents or parents age. If you haven't gone dancing with the older generation you are definitely missing out. Also there are some amazing food, and ice cream places in North Myrtle as well as some pretty awesome souvenier shops. I'd tell you more, but agian it was a bachelorette weekend. ;)

Song of the week: 

The Official Music Video for City and Colour's 'The Girl' from the album Bring Me Your Love, via Dine Alone Records. Purchase "Bring Me Your Love" via iTunes: and vinyl, CDs and more, visit: LYRICS I wish I could do better by you, 'cause that's what you deserve You sacrifice so much of your life In order for this to work.