So this past week I made some headway on some of my own personal goals. Some of them were smaller than others, all of them made me realize that if you put your mind to something anything is possible.

I know this is a topic that I have covered lightly before, but I wasn't quite aware of how important it was to make time sensitive goals with a time limit until this week. If you want to know the truth I didn't even know the importance of goals until the last few years. If you asked me I would say my only goal in life was to be happy.

And while that is still a major goal in y life, i realized it wasn't helping me get any closer to being what I considered to be success. After reading a dear friend's book Working Artist/ Starving Artist, as well as talking to some mentors of mine; I realized why I was struggling with my career. Now I know a few friends would disagree with me saying I was struggling. I have booked work successfully to the point of actually turning down work, I've been for the most part financially stable on my own, etc. However, I wasn't meeting the goals I had for myself. I was taking whatever job came my way, because I wanted to be a "successful actress." It wasn't until I was about to fly to a theme park audition, that I didn't want, that I realized there is more to being a successful actress to me than continually working. 

Last summer I made my first official career goals. I wanted to be certified in all eight weapons offered by the Society of American Fight Directors. For the past 10 months I have been taking stage combat classes, martial arts classes, and going to every workshop I could fit into my schedule. But I have officially started chipping away at that goal. As of last night I am officially certified in Unarmed and Knife. 

After my tour with Missoula Children's theatre I made the goal to go to a new state every year, (maybe a new country if I could find a way.) And while I have already accomplished that goal by going to the Winter Wonderland workshop in Chicago, I am also traveling through three states I've never been to one the way to the Central Illinois Stage Combat Workshop but I will also be touring in two new states this fall with the National Theatre for Children.

The thing is when you just set blind goals with no time limit, you don't actively work towards them. You don't push yourself.  You float along waiting for things to happen. I am in no way saying that if you don't reach a goal in the time limit you have set, you should stop trying for it. Life will happen. You just have to adjust. It is also ok for your goals to change as you get older. You can want to be a published young adult author in three years, and then discover you prefer writing children's book instead. The importance with goals is to set the and keep yourself to them.

Here's my step by step process for creating goals.

1. Brainstorm: Think of your life goals that you have. The big top five goals you want to achieve in your life.

2. Time: Think of how long it will take to achieve each goal. And be honest about it. Don't set a time frame that isn't realistic for the goal. 

3. Plan it out: Figure out the short term goals that you need to accomplish to reach your long term goals. There are many small things that go into the bigger plan.

4. Write or draw it out: Now get a big poster board or calendar and write out a big time line with your goals on it. Or if you're like me physically draw or collage it out. It will help you work actively towards your goals daily because you will see this big visual reminder of what you want to accomplish and how long you are giving yourself to do it. 

5. Breathe: And remember that life happens and your goals and timeline may change. The important thing is to not give up and to actively pursue them. Don't beat yourself up for the roadblocks. 

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