So I have to start off with the fact that one of my favorite things about indiana may have been my drive into Bloomington from Lexington, Kentucky.  It is incredibly beautiful and full of so many surprises. 

To start off your journey you pass through this gorgeous green mountainscape. And there is this longer section where you literally have walls of rock on both sides of you and all these green trees above you. I've seen pictures of stuff like this, but in person, Wow. You pass rivers, and natural landmarks. You even drive on a tiny section of the Bourbon trail. There are speed trap towns, and abandoned general stores. There were so many times I wanted to jump out of my car and just take pictures. I think one of my favorite things was the amount of fellow travelers I saw on the road. There were license plates from so many different states. I saw ones from California, and Ohio, South Carolina, and even Florida. The cars were also as characterfully different as well. There were trucks, and vintage cars, Bernie Sanders stickers, and Trump stickers. It was a real melting pot on the highway.

Now Bloomington is this amazing college town (more city) in the middle of absolutely nothing. It is the craziest thing. Ten minutes on either side of it and you are going to think you will be in a small one stoplight town, but then BAM one of the biggest universities I have ever seen. It is absolutely beautiful too. I luckily had an amazing friend give me a tour of parts of campus. It's crazy. Like I always thought State's campus and ECU's campuses were big campuses, but not now. The campus has some of the most beautifully architectured buildings I have ever seen. Not to mention beautiful huge trees all over. They even have an arboretum where the old Football field use to be in the middle of campus. I only saw a tiny part of it, but was in shock at what a huge university actually looks like.

The rest of my trip was full of catching up with a good friend and good food. (Seriously you can't go wrong with the food around there). And I honestly wish I had had more time to spend with them. But today I had to pack up and leave early for my drive to Illinois. And I am currently at my last stop before Macomb Illinois and The Central Illinois Stage Combat Workshop! So with that I will write to you all next Sunday about my first week fighting in the North, because now I need some much needed sleep.