So from White Sulphur Springs my mother and I drove to Lexington Kentucky. The drive there was absolutely beautiful. If you ever get a chance to drive through the Appalachian Mountains in that part of the country, I highly suggest it. It is so green and so fresh. Also you will get a really cool view of coal mining still happening in this country. We didn't really have a whole lot of time to stop on the drive, but there are also tons of historical landmarks as well as natural landmarks you should check out.

When we arrived, by the grace of God we missed a huge storm by about 20 minutes. We had planned on checking out a restaurant when we fist arrived, but due to the storm decided to wait until the next day. And I have to say it was worth it.

The next morning my mother and I got up early and drove to The Shakespeare and Company restaurant in Downtown Lexington. No you know me, if it's breakfast, Shakespeare, or Whiskey I'm going to love it. And this place had breakfast and Shakespeare. Now this worldwide restaurant chain is super cute on the inside. They have old victorian furniture and lamps and wall decorations. And there are pastels EVERYWHERE. And if you want you can sit on couches near the window to eat. Now if I wasn't sold enough the breakfast i got was amazing. I got a chocolate, strawberry, banana, and hazelnut crepe. It was bigger than my head, and tasted absolutely incredible. Not to mention their mocktails. Can I just say YUM. 

After that we went to the worst place in existence. Do not go to the Kentucky Chocolate Factory, unless you want to be physically ill from the smells of Mint Juleps and baking chocolate mixing together. 

However, the rest of the day was quickly turned around. For Mother's Day (yes a couple of days late) I took my mother to the Kentucky Horse Park. We didn't go at a very busy time, but it was still a wonderful experience to have with my mother. We went around to all the horse barns (there are about five), and also toured the museum exhibits. It was nice seeing my mom in her element and having a good time. 

Soon after we went to Evan's Orchard and Cider Mill. If I had children, that is where I want to take them. It is covered in tons of outdoor climbing and trampoline and bounce house type stuff. It is hard to explain. But the fresh fruit and jellies are amazing. If it hadn't been 80 degrees out I would've tried the cider.

After the full day my mother and I did what anyone would do, order room service in the hotel and watch movies on the TV together. ANd the next morning after a full breakfast the two of went our separate ways. Mom back to good ole Caroline and me headed north to Bloomington Indiana.