We are taught in this country as children that we can be everything we want to be and anything we could dream to be. You just have to want it to happen. 

Lately the more I hear people talk about their goals and dreams, it seems like the American dream no longer exists. "I have to have this job to survive." "I'm doing this to save up for school." " I wanted to do this, but I don't know how." or my personal favorite " This is what I have been working toward my entire life, I can't just change my mind."

We have every door open to us until the end of middle school. Then we are told we have to decide what college we are going to and what degree we want and what career we want before we are done with high school. We are told if we don't go to school we can't do anything we want to. That we will be stuck working at Mcdonalds for the rest of our lives. (Hate to burst your bubble but I know more college grads working in fast food than I should.) Then we are told that we have to meet are future spouse while getting our "perfect and original" major at "our first choice college" get married the summer after and go on to have the glorious white picket fenced American Dream.

The problem is there are many different dreams, different goals, and different paths to success. We get pressured into thinking that if we don't fit the "normal" path of life we are not succeeding. Especially if we aren't on our way to success before we are 25. We can get depressed when we don't fit the normal lives or goals other people have set up for us.

We have to create our own goals and ideas of success though. Just because you don't go to college, does not mean you cannot be successful. There are plenty successful people who never went to college or a degree. Just because you aren't married with kids by thirty, doesn't mean you aren't successful. If you want to travel the world living in a tent learning about everything you can and never get married, that is ok. It doesn't have to be a childhood ambition and vacation idea. If you want to own a brewery, do it. If you want a dog get one. You define success for yourself. That can be anything. There are ways of doing it. You just can't stand in your own way. You can't let others stand in your way. And most importantly you can't settle for less.