This past week was one of the busiest, longest, and hardest weeks of my life. 

My week started with an interview call from the Apprenticeship program in Atlanta that I got a callback from at SETC. The interview kinda put my life in a vice. I was all of a sudden stuck between possibly my career and my best friends wedding. Up until that interview I knew there was a possibility of maybe having to miss her wedding, and I thought I was okay with that. I wasn't. The surprising thing was even in my distress over it, my best friend understood and was supportive of me taking the apprenticeship if it was offered to me even if that meant I would be missing her wedding. My mind automatically thought, "How selfish of a person are you if you are comfortable letting her make the sacrifice of losing you in her bridal party?" I was in constant turmoil over this all week. I talked to two mentors, five friends, one stranger, my aunt, and both my parents. trying to get my thoughts and priorities straight. I finally came to a decision. Which I may let you know at a later date, but for now it is personal and I'd rather not share. I honestly still do not know if I made the right decision.

What I learned though:

1. The right decision isn't always the easiest.

2. What maybe right for you, may not be right for someone else.

3. Follow your gut.

4. It's okay to make the wrong decision, it is not okay to stop moving forward.

5. Just because one door closes, doesn't mean the right one will not open.

6. It's okay to cry.

Did I make the right decision? I'm not sure. Am I happy with my decision? Absolutely.

The Rest Of The Week!

So the rest of my week was pretty awesome. We finished blocking the majority of both of the shows I'm directing. I also went to two Moo Duk Kwan classes this week. ( We really worked on the discipline this week. Lotus for four hours? Check.) I got to spend lots of time with my amazing dog Burton. He even helped me with my workouts. I got to hang out with an amazing friend. I got to watch belt testing and a demonstration by a black belt. HE DID A FLYING KICK OVER FOUR CHAIRS AND BROKE THREE BOARDS! It was awesome, and great to witness before my first belt test. I also got to work on kills and takedowns in my knife class.

Cool New Updates in My Life!

1. I may have a job this October in Iowa ( details to come.....)

2. I'M GOING TO BE A BRIDESMAID IN MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING ON JUNE 18TH!.                    ........I may still need a date to that...... any volunteers?

3. I am now taking an SPT test for the SAFD in unarmed and Knife on May 1st!

4. My summer is gonna be an awesome adventure no matter what.


Song of the week:

"This isn't easy, it isn't clear. And you don't need Jesus until you're here." -Ben Rector