So Both of these trips were kind of short so I thought I would combined them into one!

I always forget how amazing California is until I sit outside. I had a whirlwind flight to San Diego. The next day I went to Balboa Park to audition for another Grad school. (still keeping these things hush hush) I arrived really early, because I was worried about parking. It gave me the opportunity to sit outside in the beautiful 68 degree weather. One: Balboa is absolutely beautiful. If you ever get a chance to explore it, you should. Two: I haven't been sketching nearly as much lately as I usually do, but I had a wonderful opportunity to. Three: this place actually changed a lot of my mentality. Before my audition I was extremely unsure of my life and career. I had actually stayed up the night before looking into other obs for supplemental income ( I haven't had a muggle job since I graduated college). I applied to tutor online, and started looking into becoming an online fitness coach. I was having some serious doubts in my abilities as an actor after a hiccup in NYC and from a conversation from a friend. I went into my audition extremely calm. I was thinking, whatever happens is going to happen. God has a plan. You just have to listen. So go in there and just have fun. And I did. It was one of the better auditions I have done since before college. It felt good. I dunno if I got in, part of my gut doesn't think I did. But it felt so good to get out there and play again. And just enjoy the work. I also had the lovely opportunity afterward to drive to La Jolla Cove and eat dinner with an old friend. By the way, you haven't lived until you eat an In-n-out burger after sitting in the sun on La Jolla Cove. My life was made.

The next day I hopped on a plane to Memphis. For the Unified Professional Theatre Auditions. Many people have been curious as to why I'm applying for professional contracts and Grad school. And My answer is God has a plan. I don't know his plan. But I would prefer have options in front of me and him direct me towards what I am supposed to be doing, than ideally wait for him to hand me my future. It's been a weird experience here this time. I ran into some beautiful and wonderful old friends from The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. I also ran into friends from Missoula Children's Theater, Stage Combat Workshops, and other auditions. I also made some wonderful new friends. i was blessed to receive a few good responses from my audition, and a little surprised by some others. (sorry for not too much detail here, I don't like to talk about auditions and callbacks anymore until after things are set in stone.) However, i think the best thing I learned from this audition are these tree things.

One: Keep going to your dance classes, your instrument classes, your voice lessons, etc. When at the dance callbacks I was slightly disappointed in myself because technically I could handle the advanced dance calls (something I thought I would never say.), but I couldn't handle the speed of the pieces and learning process.  If I had taken a dance class in the past few years of college that may have been different. Though I am proud of myself for being able to A. handle that level of dance and b. to notice the positive lesson. 

Two: People are looking for certain things at auditions. Just because you didn't get a callback does not mean you are not talented. You just weren't what they were looking for. And there will be that one company who thinks you are absolutely perfect for something they are casting. Just keep thinking positive. Your time will come. 

Three: Don't compare your success to someone else's. They got 24 callbacks? So what. They didn't crack on their first note? So what. You are just as wonderful. You are just as good. You can shine just as bright. If you come prepared with your best, people will still notice you. Again your time will come. Leave it to God and just keep trucking along. He will show you the path to your goals, or show you new goals.


God is working in mysterious ways in my life at the moment. And I am thankful. 

But I must get back to packing, and back to listening to Hillsong United.