If any of you have kept in touch with me over the past year or two you know that I have been pretty much living out of my Orvis Suitcase and backpack. Many of you asked how I kept track of all my travels, especially during my five month hiatus from social media. I basically started journaling. Instead of in a notepad or online I used postcards I found in every city. I would write multiple ones a week and send them home. Now I have a full album of my travels so far. I recently realized, there were so many of you that were missing out on my journey. So I decided to start writing an online Blog. I have no idea how often I will post. It maybe once a week, once every location, or it maybe sporadic. Either way I'd love to let you into this aspect of my life.


So to start this blog off we are going to recap on my second trip of the year. I went to NYC this past weekend to audition for both Columbia and NYU Tisch's Graduate acting programs. #sendingmyfateouttotheuniverse with that one. 

To anyone who has known me, most of my life I said I would never in a million years move to NYC. That I hated the city. That it would never be where I wanted to live, unless I had a job there. 

I was Wrong.

It's crazy how much your perspective can change in a year. The city no longer scares me. Instead it is highly invigorating. It makes me want to work towards something every day. Wake up early to practice my music, go to a dance class, or find a job. It's full of creatives, really really talented creatives, who make me want to improve myself. It inspired me. It made me want to be better.

Not to mention I now have a high quality tribe that lives up there now. I actually didn't even get to hang out with all of them. I had multiple nights of love and laughter, and days filled with catching up. I got to see musicals that inspired me, as well as showed me parts of myself I had been ignoring. I went on an incredible date. I found Jazz clubs that I had only thought of in my dreams. I found my home.

That is why I am happy to say that depending on other events, I'm moving to this beautiful city this August. 


Off to the next City. San Diego