Do you ever forget how much you love a city until you come back to it? It didn't feel like it had been a year since I had been in San Francisco.  I spent the majority of my time there hanging out with my good friend Kyle. 

Arrival: I got into to San Francisco at almost eleven at night. I wish I had gone straight to bed, but I stayed up and watched The Danish Girl. It is an amazing movie. The actors had such great chemistry, and the storyline was so eye opening to what the minds of a community might be like. It reminded me of another reason I love acting. It teaches people.

Day 1: So I may have slept in almost all day. And even after I woke up I spent a few hours in bed reading, doing my devotionals, and watching random cartoons on tv. It was absolutely beautiful and wonderful to just have some time to relax and not have to worry about getting anything done that day. Eventually I got out of bed and met up with Kyle. We walked around and eventually ended up at this restaurant called The Griddle. All I have to say is, I never thought I would like a burger as much as I love Sup Dogs', but I may have found my west coast competitor. They have some crazy burgers too. One even had peanut butter and jelly on it, and another was designed after thanksgiving. If you are ever in that part of San Francisco, you need to check it out. After that we continued to walk around catching up when we ran into this huge candy store. It was tucked away in Little Italy, and it was the craziest place. They had x-rated and risque candy hearts, that were absolutely hilarious. They also had animal masks and candy cigarettes. They also had old school lunchboxes. After that we wandered around the city a little more and eventually ended up back at hotel.

Day 2: So Today started out with my audition for Brown University. I loved the head of their program. He was such an awesome guy to audition for. It was also great to hear him talk about the school, and the outreach done by the repertory company. It made me fall in love with the school even more. After that it was another day of exploring with Kyle. It's really amazing to watch his face light up over someone seeing all the new things that the city has to offer. He has such a pride for San Francisco.  We first ran across a furniture store called H.D Buttercup. I have never wanted to have all the money in the world, but standing in that store made me wish I was rich. The furniture was amazing. I posted pictures on my personal facebook (through Kyle, as you guys know I gave up social media for Lent). I wanted to buy the United Kingdom flag curtains and this distressed bed frame. They also had the most amazing scented candles. After I died from price shock, Kyle and I wandered towards the restaurant named 00. It's a nice Italian Restaurant named after the flour they use to make the pizza crust, pasta, and bread. I had the pork and veal meatballs on grilled bread and Kyle had the Gnocchi made from sweet potato, it was incredibly delicious. It was also hilarious to see our waiter have trouble deciding whether Kyle and I were on a date or not. After that we went down towards the tourist area of San Francisco. We walked past Boudin's which has these amazing loaves of bread that look like animals. We were determined to get a loaf that looked like a turtle but they were sold out. After that we walked towards Ghirardelli Square. On the way there we walked past a fine arts store. It was incredible. I stood two inches away from Dali, Picasso, and other famous artists paintings. I also found my new favorite painter, Horowitz. His paintings are absolutely amazing. He paints in the style of the Black Mountain College. He would sit in the grass and paint the landscapes in front of him. In one of his larger pieces there, the sunset was a bright orange, purple, peach, and yellow. You could feel the summer breeze in the painting and the warm sun as it set. I was in awe. After that we continued our walk to Ghirardelli. It's such a treat to see people enjoying their job. Granted I feel like anyone who is making chocolate is enjoying their job. I also may have bought all the caramel chocolates they had.  Worth it. Then afterwards we stumbled across a Ben and Jerry's. Now being lactose intolerant, I have never had Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. BUT, if any of you have paid attention they just came out with Vegan flavors. AND THIS BEN AND JERRY'S HAD SOME! All I have to say is that I completely understand the thrill of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream now. It is heaven. Afterwards though we went to a place I would consider heaven. Hardwater. Now I am obsessed with good whiskey. One of my favorite things to do is try new ones, and watch live music in the process. Well Hardwater has hundreds of different kinds of whiskeys and dozens of cocktails. I had the girliest mixed drink I have ever had, and then I tried two of their bottles. One was a 4 Roses which is an in house Whiskey. It was sweet and spicy. But my favorite was The Midwinters Night's Dram. If God created the perfect whiskey for me, it would be that. It is not only based after a shakespearean play, but it also had comical theatre references all over the bottle, and was written in script. I wanted the bottle for my collection. If anyone knows how I can get a bottle for my collection, I will pay you nicely.

Day 3: So it's hard to beat the day before. But Day 3 was a day of sleeping in and preparing for my audition for UNC. I know, I live in North Carolina and I flew all the way to San Francisco to audition for a school in North Carolina. It was worth it though. One of my favorite auditions I have ever had. It made me proud to be from the same state. After that Kyle and I went to the bookstore called City Lights. It's the cutest little bookstore. Almost like a miniature version of The Last Bookstore in LA. I found the cutest books there. Then Kyle and I walked to Union Square and then decided we had to have Mac and Cheese for Dinner. Now to have the most amazing Mac and Cheese you have ever had, you have to go a little outside of San Francisco to Oakland, California. There is this place called Homeroom. And it is incredible. I successfully ate myself into a Lactose overindulgence food coma. We started our meal with a trailer styled hefty green salad. That means we had a salad full of spinach, kale, lettuce, other greens mixed with POTATO CHIPS AND HOTDOGS. Yeah you read that right. It sounds disgusting, but oh my it is the most amazing combination I have ever had. That was followed by the most perfect White Cheddar Mac and Cheese I have ever had.  Not to mention the portions were huge! That was followed by the creamiest banana creme pie I have ever had. It was so fluffy and creamy it literally would run all over the plate if it wasn't served in a mason jar. They also had homemade oreos the size of my fist. After that was movies and relaxing because we had to roll back to San Francisco.

Day 4 (Valentine's Day): So it started out with my audition for Yale. It was a really good audition, and very relaxing. I definitely put some of my best work on the table. Unfortunately, this wasn't my year and I will not be attending there this fall. But it was great to talk to the faculty and other people in the audition room and learn about possibilities for the future. Afterward, I was a little bummed. But there is no better fix than a couple of Beignets from Brenda's. Now Brenda's is a brunch place that has a line of over two hours on a normal day. Imagine the line on Valentines Day. It was completely worth it though. We got the regular, and the chocolate ones. And if you have ever had a beignet, they are already amazing. Now picture the most perfect beignet oozing with Ghirardelli Chocolate. I felt like I was bathing in a chocolate fountain. It was perfection. Then we went to the Exploratorium. First time I admitted I was an acting teacher so I could get a discount. Worth it, and it felt good to say. It's very similar to the interactive science museum in North Carolina. However, they had a huge exhibit filled with music and physics and how they work together. I was in love. It made me miss my physics classes in college, and greatly think about going back for another degree in physics. They also had a huge section on social sciences. You could sit down at a table with a partner and you two had to place cards in different sections and then discuss why you put those things there. Some could get fairly political, so definitely take someone there on a first date. ;) I also found a physics mug for my collection in their gift shop. Afterwards, we walked towards Kyle's favorite place. Pier 39. It is absolutely beautiful. All of the sailing boats, and the sunset. It was very romantic. So I guess I shared some romance with my valentine. (Talking about you San Francisco, no actual relationship here.) Then we took the most amazing uber ride to see the Golden Gate Bridge. After a wrong turn, we ended up on a mountain looking at the bridge. It was absolutely amazing. Coming back down from the mountain, there was this moment in a curve where the bridge just appeared and it felt like you could just reach out and touch the bridge and the clouds surrounding it. It was so breathtaking. Next up: One of the best Burgers in the Nation. We drove down the mountain back into the city. Went into a children's bookstore while waiting for our dinner reservation. I'm seriously debating writing children's books now after reading Big Bad Bubble, The Blue Chameleon, and My Pet Book. So Causwells is this amazing restaurant in the city. It's a little hole in the wall place. It also happens to have one of the best burgers you have ever had. The Americana Burger is something everyone needs to have once in their life. Especially when it comes with crispy onion crispers and complimentary champagne from the hostess. I honestly can't think of a better evening than eating one of those burgers.

It was an amazing trip to San Francisco. I honestly fell in love with the city all over again. It was filled with great company and new adventures. Though I have to say I am very happy to be home snuggled up in my own bed with my dog Burton.